Focus on energy bars


Not to be confused with candy bars, energy bars are energy concentrates that you can easily put in your pocket or purse. Whether you are an athlete who needs calorie to peak on your performance or overworked for a healthy lunch, these energy products are the answer.



An energy bar to boost you


Low in sugar and fat, in addition to being delicious energy bars provide you with the energy you need. Thanks to the nutrients it contains, an energy bar is enough to boost your energy. Indeed, it is rich in protein, vitamin and calcium. In addition to improving your physical performance, an energy bar also stimulates your mental alertness.


What about cereal bars?


Like energy bars, cereal bars also contain nutrients that boost your calorie intake, but at a low level. Indeed, if a cereal bar contains 1 g of protein, an energy bar can have up to 20 grams. In addition to the milk, eggs, soy, collagen and gelatin that each of these two bars contains, the energy bar has the advantage of containing nuts or seeds improving its protein content.


The protein bar: sports ally


Dedicated to athletes and anyone who wants to develop their muscles, the consumption of a bar

Protein before the exercises brings you a constant energy throughout your session

drive. Even after physical exertion, the amino acids contained in protein bars

will continue to act by allowing your body to generate new muscle tissue. Thus,

Microscopic muscle tears will also be repaired.


Lose weight thanks to the protein bar?


Protein bars are not just bars for athletes. Consume a protein bar

will allow you to feel fuller longer thanks to the high amount of protein and fiber

that it contains. Acting as an appetite suppressant, it prevents you from eating too much. With the

vitamins and essential minerals it contains, the protein bar ensures a well balanced nutrition.

The choice of your energy bar

Some things to consider when buying your energy bar. By taking the time to read the ingredients on the package, you'll be able to make the right choice as the energy bars vary from brand to brand, only Taracking offers an unparalleled product.


The sugar level


In order to keep your line and for your health, it is important to check the sugar content. A home energy bar containing less than 14 g of sugar remains the best choice.

Identification of real foods

As you read through the list of ingredients, you may come across unfamiliar items like sucralose, which is used to maintain the sugar content. This artificial sweetener contains no nutrients or calories to your body like artificial flavors and colors. Instead, focus on energy bars that contain whole food fibers.




Lack of carbohydrates can be bad for your physical performance. To bring carbohydrate into your body and to help you during your workouts, opt for an energy bar that contains at least 40 g of carbohydrates.


The fat


A Taracking energy bar containing a source of healthy fat will display ingredients like almond and other raw oilseeds. A bar containing elements like chocolate or glucose syrup is absolutely to be avoided.

"We love these energy bars made from dried fruits,

oilseeds and guaranteed superfoods, vegan and raw.

Of course, no added sugar either ... "


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